Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Classroom Noise Visual Display

My Little Learner's respond quickly to this simple Classroom Noise Visual Display.  They often remind me to set the display for the lesson!  I think it gives them comfort or maybe they just like to 'dob' on peer violators!!!

Kinder Cottage Visual Noise Level  Display

This Visual sits at the front of the classroom to the right of my Smart Board. 

Easy visual access for all.  

I Blu Tacked 3 brightly coloured, purchased, call outs to the chalkboard. The Little Learners and I agreed on the noise level labels as a class and I wrote them in semi permanent chalk pen. We chose a Tigger mascot magnet to be the pointer and added the title,

"Tigger is happy...".

Kinder Cottage Noise Level Visual Display
Following teacher instruction... I set the level of acceptable noise allowed for task completion.  I say,

" Tigger is happy when you work silently. "

I place the Tigger magnet on the matching callout.  During the lesson if necessary I say,

" Oops!  Tigger is not happy."

...Alternatively, I say,

"Tigger is bouncing on ..."  This triggers the Little Learners look to the board and see where he is bouncing.  Sometimes I add, "Tell your neighbour that Tigger is bouncing on ...whisper voices" Then the kids start working.  However, if someone breaks the set noise level, the Little Learners very indignantly remind the 'rule breaker', often pointing to the display board as a cue.  It's great...the children participate in the classroom behavioural management!

Simple but effective!
Mrs Stowe :-)


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