Friday, 26 April 2013

Super Improvers Wall

Well this is it!  Here is my first ever Super Improvers Wall.  Another brilliant WBT idea.  I wasn't sure how the Kindergartners would respond to it but it has been a huge encouragement for the Little Learners. When I took the photos below it was January, the day before my new class started therefore, all of the stars are the same colour.  After just one term our wall has three different coloured stars and my Little Learners are striving for the next level constantly.  Motivation Maximum I can assure you. 

Super Improvers Wall at start of 2013
 As you can see the display board has a bright background with cute little letter flags making up the title.  Underneath the title each Little Learner has their own star with their name on it.  I made up stars in 10 different colours for each student because each colour represents progressive improvement.  I made these up before I started the year so that all was ready to go before I began using the reward system.  You know how busy things get during the term and we need instant follow through to maintain motivation for this age group. I keep each set of coloured stars in a separate snap lock bag for quick access and efficient storage. Before a student can move to the next level/colour they earn 10 stickers on their star.  Stickers are awarded for individual improvement in absolutely anything.  For example; lining up without touching others, good manners, neat colouring, clever thinking, fact recall, waiting turn, helping others etc  I now have a chart which  is on the wall next to the Super Improver Board in place of the birthday cake.  This shows the Little Learners what the name and colour of the next level is so it adds to the whole motivation. I will photograph this after holiday break and add a link to that post to share with you.

Kinder Cottage
Super Improvers Wall Title

Super Improvers Wall
The Little Learners spontaneously applaud when a classmate achieves a new level.  It's very cute and honestly required no prompting whatsoever.  I take down the star which has 10 stickers on it, hand it to it's owner and immediately replace it with the new coloured star.  Usually the Little Learner keeps the sticker filled star on their desk for the day then takes it home to share with their family.  Absolutely gorgeous, motivational system and simple to implement I promise.

Until tomorrow...goodbye!
Mrs Stowe :-)


Michelle said...

LOVE it :-) Looks fantastic!!!! Can't wait to read more from you :-)

Daples said...

I have just found out about WBT during the last couple of weeks and am thoroughly enjoying reading, watching videos and finding out what everyone is doing. I am going to introduce a super improver's wall during the last term and trial it, to see how it goes for next year. I also liked the way you run news time.

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