Sunday, 28 April 2013

'Royal' News!

Our News Week is a display board that prevents many 5 and 6 year olds from talking all day -  everyday!  I cant actually believe how many times a day the children check their names on this chart.   Each child is allocated a day to present a news item to the class for approximately 1-2 minutes.  I have a timer to prevent the talks going longer which the days leader controls. 

Our News Week display board
My 'News' rules are simple.
  • Everyone must take a turn... every week.
  • Children are free to talk about one object of their choice per session or News Talks may be based on the 'question of the week' which is usually theme related.  For example, 'What's you favourite Australian Animal?'
  • Anyone who is speaking during a presentation loses their turn for that week. Very strict on this rule right from Day 1.
  • The presenter may select one question from the audience to answer.
  • If someone is experiencing difficulty they may opt for five questions from the audience rather than presenting news.  Most Little Learners take this option once in term 1.
  • If someone is away they may have their News on the day they return.
Little Learners Kings & Queens

I have a student run the news session as supervisor and I sit with the audience checking eye contact, volume, oral sentence structure progression etc. (I usually jot down any of the little pearls of wisdom the Little Learners reveal too.  Later to be shared with Mum or Dad or a colleague.  You have to admit we hear some hilarious stuff!)
Kids love to Be King or Queen during News because they sit on our class throne and wear their choice of royal cape and crown, of course.  They also have the privilege of selecting 2 students to receive  a gold glitter star sticker on their Super Improver Wall - a huge motivator for my class.  

Simple stuff.  Lots of fun!
Mrs Stowe :-)


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